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Marketing Terms to Be Familiar With When Running Co-registration Campaigns

Ever notice the jargon that can get thrown around in some marketing departments? There’s plenty of jargon in the co-registration space as well. Whether you’ve been working with co-reg for years, or are just trying it out, being aware of certain marketing terms and their definitions can help you have more informed discussions with your […]

3 Simple Ways to Perfect Your Lead Generation

If you’re a business owner, then you know that there are many different lead generation techniques out there. The strategy that works for one business may not work for the next, and many companies will stick with practices they know instead of taking a chance to try something new. As a result, sales often stagnate […]

5 Tips for Building Higher Performance Co-Registration Campaigns

Although it is the most affordable way to generate leads for direct marketing purposes, co-registration is often a misunderstood lead generation strategy. Co-registration, or co-reg as it’s often referred to, involves presenting offers and advertisement products from third parties to visitors going through a registration form or process on a website. Leads are gathered when […]

Lead Generation Tips from Easter Eggs Hunts

Easter is coming soon and for many, this time of year brings back happy childhood memories of chocolate bunnies, long weekends, and delicious meals at family gatherings. But those of you who grew up to be marketers most likely remember how much you enjoyed a good Easter Egg Hunt. Searching for colored eggs filed with […]