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is the practice of one organization, on its own subscription and membership registration forms, of offering subscriptions, memberships or leads to another organization. In a recent Marketing Sherpa email study, 32% of marketers who gather new names via co-registration offers on third-party sites, say the names collected perform…

Cost Per Lead:

(CPL or link outs) is a method of marketing that enables an advertiser to receive membership or advertising services in return for paying per lead received from the marketing venue used. The cost associated with each lead purchased by an Advertiser or vendor utilizing CPL marketing, is referred to as Cost Per Lead (CPL). The leads are typically generated through text links, search, banners, interstitials, link outs in site registration...

Cost Per Action:

(CPA) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action (a purchase, a form submission, and so on) linked to the advertisement.In CPA campaigns, the advertiser typically pays for a completed sale involving a credit card transaction or some sort of verified purchase. CPA is all about 'now' -- it focuses on driving consumers to buy at that exact ...

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