Pay Per Lead / Cost Per Lead

Cost Per Lead (CPL or link outs) is a method of marketing that enables an advertiser to receive membership or advertising services in return for paying per lead received from the marketing venue used.

The cost associated with each lead purchased by an Advertiser or vendor utilizing CPL marketing, is referred to as Cost Per Lead (CPL). Pay Per LeadThe leads are typically generated through text links, search, banners, interstitials, link outs in site registration paths, contextual networks, email, and several other methods.
Ads run on our proprietary network of thousands of publisher sites segmented by verticals such as Heath, Finance, Entertainment, Education, News and Reference, Sports, Technology, Real Estate, Music, etc….  Our site delivery system is based on keywords and categories and is comprised of advertisers' listings, ranked by their bid on the keyword or category at a given point in time. You only pay for each Lead filled out on your site. We know where, when and how to place your ads to achieve the best results. We help to simplify the fragmented online marketing inventory so that you reach your target audience.

Common lead fields include: Full Name, Email, Entire Postal Address, Phone #, Gender, Age (DOB), 1-10 custom questions, IP address, Date and Time Stamp of co-registration as well as several other available fields.

Pricing for CPL leads: is based on the amount of required fields by the Advertiser (ex: Name and Email would be the least expensive option at around $1.50 to $2 a lead typically).  The potential customers are registering on your site so you collect the data and it is instantly in your database.

Advantages: The user fills out your customized lead form on your site! This ensures your form is exactly the way you want it and brings the potential customer to your site. This produces the highest quality leads. Also it familiarizes the customer with your site and they are more likely to spend time on your site after filling out the lead form. The advertiser has complete control in what the user sees, using CPL formats.
CPL campaigns are suitable for brand marketers and direct response marketers looking to engage consumers at multiple touch points - by building a newsletter list, community site, reward program or member acquisition program. Similar to Co-Registration, but more customized and a larger display of the advertisement. We actually bring the user to your site instead of sending you the data from other sites.


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